What Is Child Psychology?

Child psychology is the study of subconscious and conscious childhood development. Child psychologists observe how a child interacts with their parents, themselves, and the world, to understand their mental development.

Journal of Child Psychology is devoted to publish original and unpublished manuscripts focusing on the issues and challenges related to Toddlerhood, Child-hood, Adolescence, Intellectual & Mental Development, Sexual Development, Thinking & Reasoning, Attention & Interest, and Parenting.

The journal covers a broad spectrum of topics for study that discusses theoretical and conceptual aspects of neurology like Cognitive Neuroscience, Perceptual and Cognitive Processes, Higher Cognitive Processes, Human Development, Clinical Psychology, Creativity Problem-solving,  Development and abnormal psychology,  Interpersonal neurobiology,  Psychoanalysis and statistics,  Cognitive impairment and critical illness.  Applied research with practical orientation on Social Psychology, Organizational Behaviour, Social networking, Anxiety and stress, Behavioral and chemical addiction are equally welcome. The journal solicits manuscripts that discuss technical and medical advancements like   Computational neuroscience Neuropathology, Telemedicine, Behavioral sciences, Educational, health and medical psychology and psychiatry to address the issues and challenges in this field.

How does parenting play a key role in child development? 

To certain age, every child needs support to grow in every aspect of their developmental process and that is natural and not limited therefore most children spend their time with parents and school which includes teachers and other children as well.

So what support do they really need?

The age of the children determine the kind of care and support they need and this is an important part of parenting.

What is parenting?

Parenting is the process of promoting and supporting development of children from infancy to adulthood. 

Child Psychology emphasizes on child development which includes

  1. Mental Development
  2. Emotional Development
  3. Social Development
  4. Behavioural Development

Human Development is a lifelong process and when comes to child development there are stages which are related to the child’s age.

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